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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

We are all here thanks to science

I have just returned from the hospital where I have had a great big lump of green plaster removed from my leg. As I wobbled my way home (if you've never broken a bone you won't believe how weak my muscles feel) I had a bright idea. I should blog about science as well as history! In a roundabout way it's all part of the same field of knowledge. I have just been stealing links from Pharyngula's blogroll for the new science section in my sidebar. My favourite so far is Squidblog (well everyone loves squid don't they?) If you're interested in Homo floresiensis (remember the Hobbit?) John Hawks is going to be writing about the findings in his next blog post. There's also more here on the fantastically well written The Loom . Finally over on Savage Minds there is an interesting post about what we can or can not call science.I quote:
The problem is that to accept all belief systems about the natural world as science makes nonsense of the term science. Whether it is intelligent design or aboriginal knowledge, these forms of knowledge are important to those who embrace them, but why do we need to label them as being “scientific” as well? It is true that many things aborigines know through their traditional forms of knowledge have, in fact, been proven to coincide with scientific knowledge as well. But some have not. This alone shows that traditional forms of knowledge can never be coterminous with science.
On a completely unrelated note I discovered this eighteenth-century cooking blog yesterday.


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