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Friday, October 21, 2005

Inspirational women

Vivian Malone Jones died after a stroke in Atlanta at the age of 63. She came to public attention as one of two black students who enrolled at the University of Alabama in 1963.
When, in 1965, she received a degree in business management, she became the first African-American graduate in the university's 134-year history - the first black student had been Autherine Lucy, who, in 1956, sought a master's degree in library science, only to be suspended and later expelled, ostensibly for her own safety, after three days of rioting and threats.
Betty Leslie Melville devoted decades of her life to the protection of a rare species of giraffe.
At the outset of her interest in the early 1970s, there were only about 120, but they now number up to 400 in Kenya and 500 altogether, due to the efforts of her and her third husband Jock Leslie-Melville, the Kenyan grandson of a Scottish earl, who died in 1984.
Helen Cresswell, who has died aged 71, was one of Britain's most prolific children's writers, creating memorable and often funny characters in books and television dramas for more than 45 years. Cresswell was passionate about her role, insisting that children "deserve the best" in novels, and in television adaptations and series created specially for them, as well as introductions to the classics.


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