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Thursday, October 13, 2005

How to find more history blogs

I am completely lacking in blogging inspiration this morning. It's obviously just one of those weeks. So I thought I'd see what everyone else is writing about by searching for history on technorati.

The first blog I came across was Rua da Judiaria by Portuguese writer and historian Nuno Guerreiro. (If you go to the bottom of each post you can find an English translation.) I've never seen his blog before although it's often mentioned on Rhine River. Among many other things Nuno writes about Portuguese and American Jewish history. I particularly like this photo. (I've only just noticed that they're not sunglasses on Nuno's head. It's funny how our minds fill in the blanks with the expected isn't it?)

I also found an Italian blog called Kattoliko Pensiero. If you want to translate any of the posts you'll have to run it through google. I'm not sure why this one was listed under history as it consists entirely of conservative Catholic posts. This article is 'interesting', saying that Catholics are discriminated against in Bosnia by Nato and the EU. I don't know whether they are or not but I feel very uneasy about the inflammatory tone of the language in this post. I hope I'm not doing the wrong thing by linking to it. If you want to read more about Vinko Puljic, the cardinal of Sarajevo, there are some more articles here. You can see a brief wikipedia history of the recent war in Bosnia here. This site contains a number of more detailed links although some are now missing. This text provides a helpful outline of the causes of the break up of Yugoslavia.

I also found Miss Mabrouk of Egypt. I'm not sure why she's listed under history either. She certainly writes a good blog and I found this post particularly amusing.

Ah at last, a normal looking history blog. Ladies and gentlemen I would like to introduce you to Steve's Famous On This Day in history blog. It is rather good.


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