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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hamster babies

Last night I was thinking that when my two hamsters die I wouldn't get anymore unless they had a tank the size of a small car. Hamsters, gerbils and, I expect, other small rodents, spend a lot of time trying to escape. I think that should tell us something. I forgot about them until it was time for bed and I dropped some seeds into the tank. I noticed that the male was nosing an unusually large pink object.

Oh sh*t!

It's a hamster baby!

We covered the tank with a Ginseng gift set packet and I went to bed worrying that the baby would get eaten. I've heard that hamsters do that sometimes. I also wasn't very pleased with myself because the tank needed cleaning and now I can't touch it for two weeks.

This morning I gingerly peeped in and there was the 'male' hamster running around with what looked like two babies coming out of her bottom.

Oh no! Labour problems! What shall I do?

Then I saw a third and realised that they were suckling milk. It seems very careless of her to run around like that but quite impressive that the babies manage to hold on. I just hope she doesn't go on the wheel with them.

Will someone tell the cat to walk round my laptop and not over the keyboard.


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