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Friday, October 07, 2005

Blasts of air

There's a comedy quiz show on Korean tv where celebrity contestants are blasted with air coming up from their desks. It always happens when one of them has to sit in a tank waiting for things to be dropped on them. A button is pressed and then either the hapless person in the tank gets it or the others have thirty seconds of blasting. I rather like that latter because Koreans spend a lot of time and money on hair care. Some people in Britain imagine that Koreans are either very staid and serious or do perverse things on game shows like putting live frogs in their pants. I have to tell you that it's not like that at all. The Korean comedy scene is very strong and ultra-hip. It is far more physical than British comedy but to western eyes doesn't seem at all strange. A lot of Korean shows remind me of programmes you see on Italian tv (apart from the semi-clad beauties thank god). Like the Italians they're very big on group participation and getting the whole family involved.

Anyway, that isn't the point I wanted to make with this post. I've just been reading a blog that makes me feel as if I've had air blasted in my face. (That's a compliment by the way.) I would like to introduce you to Adventures in Historical Materialism. I haven't given much thought to the forthcoming Trafalgar celebrations but Snowball has. It's refreshing to find a British history blogger with strong opinions because the majority seem to be North American.


Blogger Snowball said...


Thanks a lot for your kind words, and the link to my blog. I am also honoured for it to be described as a 'history resource' -I think that 'rants at British right wing historians resource' might be a better description...

Anyway - it was actually an amazing discovery to find your blog, which has opened my eyes to the sheer amount of 'history blogs' that exist - I really had not idea that things like 'History Carnival' etc existed before (though you are right - most seem to be American based). So the feelings about 'blasts of air' are somewhat mutual...

Anyway - good luck with whatever you are doing in Korea (teaching?), and good luck with your blog - it really is worthy of being called a 'history resource'.

9:23 am  
Blogger Mapo said...

Thank you Snowball. I'm on holiday over here at the moment (hence the frequent blog posts). I probably will end up teaching English though.

Are you named after the cat in The Simpsons by the way?

10:17 am  
Blogger Snowball said...

I think I was thinking more about Leon Trotsky, George Orwell and Animal Farm at the time...but with hindsight, the cat in the Simpsons is a bit cooler, isn't it?

So yeah, I'm named after the Simpson's cat...

6:33 pm  

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