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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Around Tapgol park

This afternoon I spent 20 minutes in Tapgol park (previously called Pagoda park). It's small but worth a look if you happen to be in central Seoul. When Korea was colonised by Japan the park saw the birth of the March 1st Independence movement. If you want to learn more you should take a few moments to read about teenage independence fighter Yu Kwan Soon (Ryu Gwan Sun). If you visit the park you can see friezes commemorating the protest as well as two Buddhist monuments dating from the 15th century. You can read the account of another blogger's visit here.

If you are in the area you can also visit:

Insadong (Quite a nice shopping district. It's described as traditional by tourist information but it's really quite modern and I don't understand why people rave about it. Shops sell souvenirs ranging from good quality to absolute tat)
Yeung Poong bookstore (Good selection of English and Japanese language books. More books about Korea than the nearby Kyobo bookstore. Food court. Paper etc..)
Cheonggyecheon stream (Just round the corner from Gwanghwamun subway station and the Kyobo bookstore. Recently renovated stream. Very popular at night with local people. If the city council play their cards right this area could become Seoul's equivalent of London's Covent Garden. I'll say that even if the Lost Nomad is not impressed with it.)


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