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Sunday, September 18, 2005

What to expect

Welcome to we are still here. This is one of the many history blogs that are now popping up all over the blogosphere. If you want to find out more about history blogging you should visit the History Carnival. Sharon Howard's Early Modern Notes and HNN's Cliopatria are also good resources for the general state of history blogging.

I've called this post 'What to expect' although even I'm not sure what I'll do here. I would like to explore the different ways of presenting history as entertainment, largely through cartoons, stories, poems and any other medium that comes to mind. The fact that it's easier said than done gives me all the more respect for Terry Deary and The Horrible Histories.


Blogger Carrie Shanafelt said...

This is a lovely idea!
I am a literature fellow supporting a collection of 16th to 19th-century maps, pamphlets, documents, books, letters, etc. in NYC. We've just started a blog to share items from the collection at http://18thcenturyreadingroom.blogspot.com. I was looking to see what other blogs with historical interest are out there. This looks to be a good and broad-minded resource. Good luck with it!

2:50 am  

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